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  • We are a casual and welcoming community of User Experience (UX) professionals, founded in 2013 by people who just wanted to relax and talk about design over a cold beer.

    We organize monthly events in and around Antwerp and Brussels to connect UX professionals and encourage continuous learning. We meet to exchange ideas, informally network, and grow together through all stages of our careers.

    We welcome everyone in our community, all events are in English.
    We hope to meet you at the next event!

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  • Be a host/sponsor?

    We're always looking for companies to host and/or sponsor our events. It is a perfect moment to introduce your office space to a big crowd of UX peers!

    Be a speaker?

    Do you have something to share in our community? Please reach out to us – we're always looking for speakers for one of our next events!

    founded in 2013